Work Placement & Internship Programme

Many of our students are seeking work while they stay in Ireland.  While the economic climate is not what is was two years ago there are still plenty of opportunities for people looking for work here in Ireland.  FREE of charge we offer

 A CV Translation Assistance - we will ensure that the English translation of your CV sounds professional and give you advice as to how best find a job given your background

 Job Finder Assistance - We often get approached by employers seeking candidates for work.  Once a position becomes available we will bring them to the student's attention and arrange an interview

 We can also help you open a bank account, obtain a PPS number and with any other tasks you require to help you when moving to Dublin.

 Interview with relevant recruitment agents (should the student candidate be suitable for them) 

 We also offer induction seminars on a monthly basis which cover the essential interview skills for those students who are preparing for a job interview

EU students do not require a visa to work or study in Ireland.For students from other countries the situation varies – to find out more visit the Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform, Ireland website at

Irish Jobs Websites:

Recruitment Agencies:


Work Placement and Internship Programme

For many of our students real work experience is a key part of their continuing education. Whilst  learning English at ULearn we can can arrange a specialised Internship for you and your specific area of work. Following a four week English course, we can provide you with the necessary language skills you will need before you start your work experience.

During your stay in Ireland, you can not only complete a language course but can also participate in an internship in a real professional environment using the language which you have learnt on the course. The internship permits ULearn students to develop both their social and business English while at the same time experiencing the culture and people of Ireland.

Course Hours


Price Includes

15 hours
per week


Placement fee +
2 weeks of
General English


 Terms and conditions

  • Students must have at least an Intermediate (B1) level of English.
  • The student should stay for the time agreed and should give proper notice of cancellation to the school and employer.
  • Students must be at least eighteen years old to be accepted into the Internship programme.
  • The hours worked by the student will be at the discretion of their employer.
  • An employer can only be changed in exceptional circumstances.
  • If a student is placed in childcare or other sensitive areas, a police check may be carried out.
  • Booking and full payment must be finalised at least 6 weeks before the start date of the programme.
  • N.B. Internship Insurance (compulsory): €10 per student per month.