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Benvenuto su ULearn! La prima apertura di ULearn risale al first 1988 e da allora ha aiutato gli studenti di tutto il mondo ad imparare l’inglese. La nostra è una delle migliori e più antiche scuole di inglese a Dublino e conserviamo oggi la stessa missione del nostro primo giorno. Il nostro obiettivo è di aiutare i nostri studenti a guadagnare fiducia e capacità fornendo loro un’esperienza di apprendimento dell’inglese efficiente e indimenticabile.Il nostro approccio accogliente e personalizzato ha dato a milioni di studenti, che sono entrati a far parte di ULearn negli ultimi 25 anni, la migliore esperienza di apprendimento dell’inglese possibile. Facciamo del nostro meglio per assicurarci che gli studenti traggano ogni vantaggio nel vivere e studiare a Dublino. Ci troviamo nel cuore di Dublino a St. Stephen’s Green e offriamo agli studenti un ambiente confortevole, rilassante e adatto allo studio dell’inglese. Il bellissimo parco St. Stephen’s Green Park è situato di fronte all’edificio della scuola e dunque gli studenti non devono andare tanto lontano per scoprire la ricca cultura dublinese, la sua affascinante storia e la sua frizzante vita odierna!


Just like your learning, our focus is personal. Every student is different and one thing we've learned in teaching all these years is that there is great opportunity in those differences once we as teachers are prepared. ULearn consistently provides a learning environment that adheres to modern best practices. With a low student-to-teacher ratio we assure that your individual needs will be met with supportive, dynamic teachers employing the best known techniques and activities.


Our academy is located on Saint Stephen's Green, right in the heart of the Dublin's city centre. Overlooking one of the most picturesque parks in Europe, students have the convenience of stepping out of the school to the pedestrian shopping areas of Dublin. Additionally the ULearn centre is well served by public transport and a free bike rental scheme, which allows all our students ride around the city without incurring costs. It is a wonderful, safe environment for learning!


Communication is key to our teaching method. We believe that communication should play a central role in all our classes as we aim to help students improve in the 5 key areas of English; Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation. All of our teaching staff is qualified and experienced and they strive to maintain our high standards of dynamic and vibrant learning environment.

Fun Activities

ULearn does more to ensure that our students have a memorable time in Dublin. Dublin is a city full of character, charm and culture and we encourage our students to experience as much of the city as possible. We assist our students by providing a very active and varied social programme. Each week we organise activities such as cinema nights, museum or gallery visits, music nights, greyhound racing evenings and pub visits. We also offer weekend trips to other cities and tourist destinations in Ireland on a bimonthly basis. We consider social events and activities to be an important aspect of learning English in Ireland :)

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